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           Shenzhen Weillen Technology Co. LTD  

           Shenzhen Weillen Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise focusing on connection technology. Founded in shenzhen in 2018, the company's products include rectangular connector, circular connector, waterproof connector, RF connector, finished wiring harnesses and so on.

            After efforts in recent years, under the environment of 5G interconnection and Industry 4.0, the company's products are widely used in nuclear power, rail transit, 5G communication, intelligent transportation, intelligent manufacturing, etc., gradually becoming the backbone of domestic industrial connectors.




                    Focus on every detail, every process, and strictly control the quality.

           Professionalism creates quality, and we always put quality first.Whether it is the original material

        Material procurement, or the final product testing, every link, every - process, every point

           Details are strictly in accordance with international inspection standards to ensure that every product is of good quality.


            The company has high-end production equipment, including 10 high-speed precision punch presses, 10 precision injection molding machines, 20 CNC machine tools, 20 automatic equipment, 16 semi-automatic equipment and connector assembly workshop production line workshop.






           生產實力 PRODUCTION ABILITY 





           檢測設備 TESTING EQUIPMENT